Men’s Ministry

Manhood. There are some unique pressures that come with being a man and it’s hard sometimes knowing how to navigate the twists and turns we face as we journey through life. Our Men’s Ministry is in place to help men reach their God-given potential. Together, we will pat you on the back, laugh, study, pray and be your friend.


Events are planned throughout the year such as breakfasts, fishing/hunting trips, retreats and service projects that would be great to get plugged into.

Men are called by God to be the spiritual leader of the home and here at Convent Baptist, we want to help our men be able to fulfill that duty. We offer Bible study opportunities for men to gather, serve and fellowship – shoulder to shoulder – in a way that will help them in their daily walk. Our purpose is simple…encourage men to be men. Be men as husbands. Be men as fathers. Be men as leaders. By rescuing a lost generation of men, we hope to simply be who God has called us to be…men.